Playing fantasy football at FireLeague is easy

You can create a league of any size and invite your friends to play, or simply create a team and join a league.  You can enjoy live scoring, and compete with your friends, absolutely FREE!  Premium teams are available for those looking for an extra challenge!


Build the best team possible each week while remaining under the salary cap.  Try to win by scoring as many points as you can.  The salary cap format is the ultimate test of your fantasy football skills.  Unlike draft leagues, salary cap leagues put all owners on an even playing field by giving everyone access to the same player pool.  You're performance is based on skill rather than a lucky draft pick.

Get started by following these steps.

  • 1 Login or register using the LOGIN and SIGN UP links located at the upper right hand corner of this screen.
  • 2 Create your team and/or league if you don't already have one.  Join a league and compete against others for prizes.
  • 3 Add players to your roster.  Remember, you can submit any lineup as long as your team does not exceed the salary cap.

FireLeague features lives scoring and rankings

I can create a league of any size, get live scoring all season long, AND qualify to win prizes, for free?

That's right! So grab a drink, a snack, and fire up your laptop, smartphone, or tablet and watch live as your team trounces the competition.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of the FireLeague salary cap game is Dynamic Player Values. Here's how it works:

Owner Joe buys Adrian Peterson for $11M
Adrian Peterson plays well so more owners buy Adrian Peterson and his value increases from $11M to $11.5M
Owner Joe sells Adrian Peterson for $11.5M and makes a profit of $500k which is added to his maximum salary cap

Dynamic Player Values adds more depth to the game by allowing shrewd owners to buy low and sell high to increase their buying power.

Salary Cap Standard

Play for FREE and Win Prizes

Absolutely no Entry Fee.  Create a league of any size for FREE!

Top 100 Teams Win a Prize

Get 19 free trades for the season.  Buy more for $0.99 each.

Salary Cap Elite

Prizes for World Rankings and Leagues

Enter for as little as $12 per team when you purchase a 5 team package.

Prizes for the top 3 teams in each league with 19 or more teams.

Prizes for Top 50 Teams Overall

Weekly Leagues

Weekly Fantasy Football Contests

Prizes given away each week.

Additional game details to be provided

before the 2014 seasaon kickoff.